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Every artist has something to share, here's your vehicle to reach the masses. is the Hip-Hop fans dream, and the new distribution vehicle for you, the artist. We give you a means to get your music into the hands of your fans, both old and new. This is a no-lose situation for you. We sell your music and money is sent directly to you, no middle man!

The process is quick, just fill-in the 'Artist Information' below and you will immediately be emailed your account information, which will allow you to have access to your 'artist friendly' account 24 hours a day. You will be able to view the number of hits your page received, the number of units sold, how much money you have made, the date your next check will be sent out, etc.

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  • All artists can upload up to 30 Tracks for FREE
  • Global Exposure
  • Royalties from each sale goes straight to the artist, NO MIDDLE MAN
  • You set the market price for each track you upload
  • You control your marketing
  • Artist promotional tools to help you get sales, promotion and money
  • A very simple artist control panel to monitor all of your account activity
  • Opportunity to connect directly with your fans, which keeps a buzz surrounding you and your music
  • Make money from the very first download
  • Opportunity to expand your fan base
  • puts your music in front of those that love Hip-Hop
  • is your site, dedicated to the Hip-Hop community

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