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Mikey D and the Elements of HipHop

Elements of HipHop

Mikey D aka Mikey Destruction, formally of the L.A. Posse and Main Source ( the group renowned for the "White Men Can"t Jump" soundtrack). Mikey D became known for his battle rhyme ability and former battles with Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5, and fellow Queens native LL Cool J.

Mikey has taken his skills to a different level as he teams with his production team and DJ tandem to deliver the classic digital album "Calm Before The Storm".

As a group, they are known as "ELEMENTS OF HIP HOP" featuring DJ Mercury, formally of Professor X of The World Famous X Clan, and Grand Wizard Rasheen, who is the mentor of world famous DJ"s, DJ Jazzy Jeff of The Fresh Prince, and DJ Cash Money.

One Emcee with two DJs! They think of it as "HipHop in4 wheel drive mode".

Hip Hop pioneer/veteran Spyder D, who"s Newtroit Entertainment has begun management talks with the group thinks the groups timing is just right for their new release and said, "I"ve known Mikey for 30 years and skill has never been a question for Mikey." "Now, he"s matured and he and LL and other people he battled back in the day are friends now and he is about telling stories on digital wax! With these two incredible DJ"s at his side, they are poised to give the Hip Hop community some flavor they have not had."

The single, "Hip Hop Ain"t The Same", is scheduled to be released on March 15th, which also features the bonus track "Beastin"", (that is stirring up a major buzz on the Internet).The album is scheduled for release on April 2nd.

Mikey D is also featured on the Spyder D remix of the single "In Case You Didn"t Know" as part of "THE D CLAN", (also featuring Sparky D, Chuck D and Davey D).

Elements Of Hip Hop are also being strongly considered for the Hip Hop Gods Tour II which will be late Spring/early Summer.

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