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Unfortunately, Hip Hop and Longevity are not two words often heard in the same sentence, at least not one with any positive notion. It’s one of the genres that seems far too quick to toss aside or forget the artists of the past. Whereas in other genres, such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and others, so many of those artists can continue on to make music, do tours, and perhaps even get their own TV Shows/Reality Shows and have a sustainable amount of fans to support them.

With that in mind, how many Hip Hop artist from the early 80s can you name that still pay their rent from making music. Even looking at the 90s you would likely find an alarming amount of missing names on a similar type list.

Donald D may have never broke into the so-called mainstream, but he’s been doing his thing since, at least, the early 80s and still regularly drops new material with the same passion and basic approach as he has thru out his career.

Representing from the Bronx, Donald D first started to make noise on the scene in the early 80s as the resident MC for the Zulu Beat Radio Show with Afrika Islam. Around the same time, he formed with another soon to be Hip Hop radio legend, Chuck Chillout, and Brother B, with a group known as The B Boys.

The B Boys debuted in the recording industry on Vintertainment Records in ’83 with their “Rock The House” b/w “Cuttin’ Herbie” 12”. On “Rock The House” Donald D acts as a tour guide to take the world on a trip thru the world of Hip Hop. After he excellently outlines the Cultures basic roots in the streets, he expounds on its growth and it’s growing diverse audience, “Gorgeous pretty fine girls/Tourists from around the world/Executives in their business suits/Texans in their Cowboy boots/Officials of the Government/And Those on Unemployment/Drive around in Limousines/ To rock the B Boy scene…Rock The House Y’all.” On the official 12”, “Cuttin’ Herbie” was an instrumental scratch track, but a rare test press contained a vocal version.

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