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Mr. Cheeks & Mic Geronimo

Individually these dudes are strong veterans of the game, Mr. Cheeks has hits on a solo tip, as well as with the iconic group Lost Boyz. Mic Geronimo has always been a solo artist that has delivered street lyrics that made him a stand out from Queens. Finally, you have the hard hitting Royal Flush, who has never been given his just due out of the region, but listen to his lyrics and you can see what he is all about.

What do these dudes have in common? They are working on a project that is surely going to be something to hear. Three distinctive voices are forming to give us 3 da Hard Way!

Here"s their first live performance:

Click here to check out Mr. Cheeks @ RareHipHop.com!

Click here to check out Mic Geronimo @ RareHipHop.com!


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