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BINC releases highly acclaimed debut album

Who is BINC?

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February 20th 2011 — Jake Records, a leading independent record label, is proud to announce the release of the acclaimed debut album from Bay Area Hip-Hop recording artist, BINC [an acronym for B.est I.n N.orthern C.alifornia].

The stellar LP, entitled 200X, is the first solo outing from the former Digital Underground alum. 200X features guest vocals from well-known Yay Area talent; including, D.U.’s own Shock G & Money-B, as well as Lee Majors. The project also introduces BINCRU members; JPark and Melly Mel. 200X is currently available via digital download outlets; such as iTunes, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, MP3, CDBaby, eMusic and more, plus physical unit distribution through Best Buy, among other retailers.

BINC emerges from the rough-and-tumble streets of East Oakland, California. His tough childhood and upbringing helped shape him into the person and artist he’s since become. From living in a church with his father while going to high school, or playing hundreds of games of chess with convicted felons to pass time, every unique experience and opportunity in his life has been the foundation for which he’s brought his craft to the table.

BINC actually grew up as the Bay Area music scene was bursting with talent in the late ’90?s and early 2000?s, and was casually introduced to some of the biggest names in the business. But his interest in becoming a part of its movement actually didn’t develop until a chance encounter with Money-B, one of the original members of the multi-platinum legendary crew, Digital Underground. BINC later began touring with Digital as a roadie, and eventually gained access to the stage. Along the way, he’s also spent time with the likes of The Luniz, Coolio, Young MC, Tone Loc, B Legit, and dozens of others.

200X showcases his mega-talent, and his vast ability to rise above every challenge that life has unfortunately presented to him and eventually come out the victor on top…

Click here to purchase 200X @ Rarehiphop.com


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