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Stereo Boyz - Buggin"Out (Beetle Juiced)

"Buggin"Out (Beetle Juiced)" is the B-Side of the Stereo Boyz"latest single "RayBanz" (released August 21st), which was the first release off the groups"upcoming album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz", set to drop May of 2013.

The track drops with a video today, on Halloween, an obvious choice as the song pays tribute to the classic Halloween flick "Beetle Juice".

Produced by A-Bomb, the beat is fast paced, wild and a definite banger. Mixo and Mic Audio, accompanied by Stereo Crew member Kid Boombox ride the beat perfectly and showcase their lyrical abilities.

The video for "Buggin"Out" was shot in New York, just 2 days before Hurricane Sandy hit. Hitting Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Halloween parties and more perfect sceneries, the Stereo Boyz once again captured the perfect visuals for their sounds.

The video was shot by Sacramento Knoxx, originally from Detroit and residing in Queens, and edited by David Romero.

While the Stereo Boyz are preparing to embark on their second Europe Tour early next year, they will continue to give you tastes of their upcoming album "Carz, Clubz & Theaterz".

Watch "Buggin"Out" below and support by purchasing it, available now at all major online stores.

Watch "Buggin"Out (Beetle Juiced)" here:

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