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Murs and Fashawn On Their Kinship and Their New Album

California-bred rappers Murs and Fashawn have much in common. They"re both former graffiti writers, skateboarders and independent-minded rappers who have affinities for collaborating with one specific producer per album. But they"re also more than a decade apart in age -- Murs is 34, Fashawn 23.

At first glance, their new album, This Generation, out today, might seem to speak on the divide between old and young hip-hop heads. Not so, Fashawn tells us recently. In fact, it alludes to a philosophy of all-inclusiveness and seeks to knock down the imaginary walls between generations erected by the media.

Ahead of their free show tonight at Amoeba Records celebrating the release of their album and National Voter Registration Day, we talked to the duo about having children, the increasing disappearance of regionalism in rap and voting for the first time.


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