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O-RY-N The Rebel

O-RY-N The Rebel introduces a new cut for us to listen to:

O-RY-N the Rebel – The Nightmare Song ft. Dani Dragon

O-RY-N is definitely on his grind....he was interviewed by WWS Magazine and responded to a number of questions. When asked about selling his own product and best ways to promote as an artist....

"I have had the most luck selling my music and merchanise at shows on tour. I"ll never forget Dani Dragon selling CDS while my live band and I were performing in New Mexico on a Main Street. She would take breaks during the songs and we had a whole block gridlocked with our music! My second best outlet for selling things have been our online stores..."

"My favorite way to promote myself is through word of mouth to people that I meet outside of the scene. ...if somebody likes you as a person and then you let them know that you are a professional musician...then I feel like I have their genuine interest....when they hear the quality of my product, I have a true fan for life...Situations like that make all the hard work I do with my team worth it!"

Read the full interview by this talented artist by clicking here

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