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The Legends Give Back!

The Legends Give Back!

Grandmaster Caz and other legends of Hip-Hop are scheduled to participate in the 9th Annual Crotona Park Jams in the Bronx. This year"s event is being billed as 2011 Tools of War True School.

Tools of War was named with the idea that there are many "tools" one can use in competing or battling within Hip Hop culture: paint, turntables, microphones, one"s body, and especially one"s voice. Although the name may appear aggressive, the intent behind it"s use is actually to inform and educate people regarding not only Hip Hop but many other social and political issues. As we grow, we are finding that it has also become a forum for voicing opinions and sharing ideas which might help in unifying and uplifting people all over the world.

Others that are scheduled to participate are GrandWizzard Theodore, GrandMaster Caz, Jazzy Jay, Spivey, Imperial Jaycee, Rockin Rob, Dr. Duss, PopMaster Fabel, Lord Finesse and more. A big thank you needs to be sent out to Jorge "Fabel" Pabon and Christie Z-Pabon, the co-founders of this years event.

Don"t miss being a part of history! Here"s some highlights from last year...http://vimeo.com/16350213



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