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Do you truly love hip-hop, the culture?  If so, you understand there is more to hip-hop than just the words in rap.  Hip-hop is a culture that is beyond putting a string of words together, it"s truly a swag that is timeless.  It"s a way of being.  A confidence that has moved from decade to decade, street to street and nation to nation.  There are things we should be proud of that this culture represents and things that are not so cool with this culture.  Let"s uplift the culture and keep in mind that this is more than just entertainment.  #JustFacts is a new web show starring Assata Reborn @QueenAssata (spoken word artist) and @Rhymageddon @Rhymageddon (hip-hop artist, movement activist).  They have teamed up to give you the things that make you say hmmmm. 

Come watch the first episode:

Click here to check out Rhymageddon @ RareHipHop.com!


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