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DJ Hurricane Gives us JByrd

Beastie Boys’ DJ Hurricane Releases JBYRD’s New Single

JBYRD is a rhythm-infused lyricist who’s talent for writing, rhyming, and performing has surprised and entertained his peers and even his role models since he was 9 years old. He boasts a personal endorsement by Beastie Boys’ hip-hop pioneer DJ Hurricane and with the legendary DJ’s help, the “Brand New”: A fun and catchy song with an accompanying video was released. JBYRD flexes his star-power with 2010 NAACP Image Award winning actor Daryl Mitchell making an appearance in the “Brand New” video.

The album includes collaboration with Cee Jay – son of iconic rapper Notorious B.I.G. – on the track, “Missed The Bus” as well as Hurricane-produced “Rhyme Master,” a song whose corresponding video earned JBYRD nearly 1 million YouTube hits.

DJ Hurricane was hooked on JBYRD’s talent from the first listen. “I listened to his demo and was told he was 12 years old and had no experience. I saw some amazing talent in him!”, says Hurricane, “I knew with my experience we could sharpen his tools. He’s a quick learner and very confident. He’s just a young kid with a long future as a star in the entertainment world.”, says Hurricane.

JBYRD celebrated the Green Bay Packers Superbowl XLV win by creating a song and tribute video that became a viral favorite almost overnight and earned JBYRD recognition on Complex.com, the WallStreet Journal cover, and Billboard Magazine.

Under DJ Hurricane’s tutelage, JBYRD has been featured on Teen Television, The Beat Philly’s Star and Buc Wild Show, NBC’s Atlanta Morning Show and WCBS Atlanta’s “Positively Georgia”.

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