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Miranda Writes

“MW Anthem” is a breakthrough song for the eighteen-year-old artist from central New Jersey. “It’s all about positivity and what you can do when you put your mind to it. I truly believe all things are possible. The sky is the limit for those who stay focused and aware. That’s the reason I incorporated lines about snowboarding. I’m in my zone when I’m on the slopes. It’s where I clear my mind and think about my goals and aspirations.” These days Miranda Writes has seldom time to spend snowboarding, though. She spends her weekdays writing lyrics and laying tracks and weekends performing for the Universal Zulu Nation, a global community of music lovers who have shown unending support towards her mission to revive old-school Hip-Hop and spread the LPD Entertainment message.

The “MW Anthem” CD release is a bound forward for Miranda Writes. Using the July 2012 album release of Miranda Writes’ “Say My Name Mix-Tape” as a jumping-off block, “MW Anthem” picks up where she left off, speaking to her ambition to continually improve her music and keep her fans engaged. To broaden her fan base, Miranda Writes recruited emcees sharing her vision from across the globe to contribute to the mix-tape. Their featured appearances throughout the album are a lyrical display of the hunger for peace and positivity Miranda Writes has identified and strives to satisfy. “Say My Name Mix-Tape” earned Miranda Writes the international following and support system she refers in her songs to as, “The LPD Crew”.

Miranda Writes says, “My family, friends and fellow emcees are the biggest asset to my career. I am motivated to spread my message, write more and stay focused by their support. They keep me going.”For more info mirandawrites.me

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