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Eddie Murphy To Star In Netflix Comedy About Hip Hop Sampling

Netflix is in negotiations to air a new mockumentary about Hip Hop artists sampling 1960s musicians starring Eddie Murphy. Sounds like gold.

Deadline is reporting that the streaming giant is in talks to bring Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story to the small screen. Soul Soul Soul will be a fake documentary about a 1960s soul singer named Murray Murray who puts his old band back together and sets out on a mission against the entire genre of Hip-Hop after he finds out that a rapper has scored a hit from sampling one of his records.

The idea should work because they have plenty of real-life examples to pull from. Hip-Hop artists and producers have and continue to fight long, costly court battles with older artists wanting their cut for hits produced from their original works. The most recent example being Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s back-and-forth with the family and estate of Marvin Gaye over whether or not they sampled “Got To Give It Up” for their hit “Blurred Lines.”

Artists like De La Soul have virtually seen their entire catalog become unavailable after lawyers pilfered through their music finding and claiming unauthorized use of samples.

Murphy unlike the character he is set to play, insists that he’s always had a fondness of Hip-Hop, especially since he was there to see it grow and evolve. In a 2015 interview with Billboard he stated:

I never hated hip-hop. It became the new rock and roll. It became the biggest thing that Africans have ever done in the history of the Americas. Hip-hop put more black Americans on than anything before it. It fed more people. It allowed them to diversify into clothing lines and billion dollar headphone companies.

Will Smith was the biggest star in the world. He’s hip-hop. Black folks never had anything like hip-hop, but I already had my own thing when the hip-hop wave jumped off. They weren’t my heroes, because I was running with them.”

Soul Soul Soul will be directed by Brett Ratner. Murphy and Ratner last worked together for the 2011 film Tower Heist.


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