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MC Shan & KRS-1 Still At It?

Not many rap battles go on for 3 months, but here is one that is going on three decades.  Two veteran emcees, MC Shan and KRS-1 are known for their classic battle, which centered around the song The Bridge from MC Shan and the answer to this by KRS, who said The Bridge is Over.  

These emcees have been spitting on the mic for longer than a number of top charters are old.  When the war of words started, boroughs were up in arms on who was the best.  Both emcees have enjoyed a career spitting, but they are not by any means equal in terms of number of accomplishments.

Take a listen to MC Shan's view on this....

MC Shan 2016 freestyle

KRS-1 claps back

Would you pay to see the two battle on pay per view for nostalgia sake?  



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