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Instead of the madness that surrounds a basketball, we are taking this idea to another level and recognizing some of the greatest groups to be formed for Mic Madness. Instead of compiling a list of 64 groups and play-in rounds, we have listed what we believe are some of the greatest groups to touch the mic. Some of these groups, you might have forgotten and we encourage you to take to take a listen to their hits or follow us on our social networks and you will be reminded of their contribution to hip-hop.

We can sit and debate who is the greatest group of all time, but we believe these groups have delivered a number of memories. Let the dialog begin on who is the greatest, you can let your favorite DJ tell you who was the greatest or debate this with your comrades, but truth be told each one of these groups have sold out venues and created massive hits. The list is comprised of groups, not duos. For this exercise, groups consists of 3 or more, with a consistent DJ being acknowledge as a part of the group. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but a list to take us back to a time when everyone was a bit different in style and concept.

We are going to continue to pay homage to the veterans of hip-hop. A number of these groups are still making music, make sure you support them. You have not seen a show unless you've seen Grandmaster Caz go back and forth with his brothers of the Cold Crush. If you call yourself a fan of hip-hop, make sure you see Public Enemy while you still can. The Wu is only doing reunion tours at this point, so who knows when you might get a chance to see this group as a whole. Live and love the art of hip-hop.


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