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Beatboxer Doug E. Fresh Continues To Bring Art To Life

Art imitates life, and so does rap. More than anyone else, legendary rapper and beatbox phenomenon Doug E. Fresh understands this idea.

Sitting for an ordinary painted portrait wasn’t enough for Doug E. Fresh, so he beatboxed while his likeness was created using cassette film tape— in true superstar fashion. As his own cassettes are un-spun, the picture of him begins to take shape.

The icon’s true story began back in 1985 when his beat boxing backed Slick Rick’s rhymes on “La Di Da Di.” The fun track is recognized as an early hip-hop classic, launched the career of the two young and hungry New Yorkers, and has been sampled umpteen times ever since.

Doug E. Fresh’s art has influenced many other musicians, and his portrait created with cassette film reminds us of his incredible career.

Watch the unique portrait being created in the video above and tell us what you think using the hashtag #MusicInMotion.


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