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'Growing Up Hip Hop' Premieres ft. Angela Simmons & Romeo Miller

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be raised by a hip hop superstar?

Well Angela Simmons, Romeo Miller, Egypt Criss, Damon 'Boogie' Dash, TJ Mizell and Kristinia DeBarge will soon be giving fans a glimpse into the wonderful world of being a hip hop kid when their new We TV series, 'Growing Up Hip Hop,' premieres.

The show follows their lives as they try to branch out on their own away from their parent's prominence. However, they may all soon learn that it isn't nearly as easy to create their own path or follow in their legendary parents' footsteps.

The official season one trailer hints at a ton of challenges headed in the casts' direction.

Angela has been steadily creating her own lane apart from her father, former Run DMC member Rev. Run. But when she's met with the struggles of managing her business, will it be her dad's influence that will help her make it to the top?

According to Romeo, his father Master P. has been grooming his son to be 'just like him.' However, the pressure of living up to Master P's legacy and No Limit empire may prove to be more than Romeo can handle.

As for Krsitina, she considers her R&B hitmaker father James DeBarge's rep a 'blessing and a curse.' She wants to establish herself as a singer and songwriter aside from her family's fame in the industry. But with her father behind bars, her relatives thinks she needs to focus less on having fame and more on what's most important: Family.

TJ has big dreams of following in his father Jam Master Jay's footsteps and becoming a DJ. Although he's creating quite a name for himself and performing at some of the hottest venues around the world, not having his deceased father around to witness it makes TJ's journey more bitter than sweet.

Meanwhile Boogie has the weight of his father Damon Dash's business mogul dreams weighing him all the way down, while Egypt constantly clashes with her mother, Sandra 'Pepa' Denton from iconic rap group Salt 'N Pepa, for her choice to peruse a music career.

It may be thrilling to grow up in the lap of luxury, but will the casts' family ties make it easier or harder for them to fulfilling their dreams under the shadow of their ultra famous parents?

Find out when 'Growing Up Hip Hop' premieres on We TV on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 10 p.m.

Check out the official season one trailer below!


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