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Hopsin Shares His Views on Ghostwriting

by Cecil Lennox

Funk Volume co-CEO and full-time rap star Hopsin recently let off some steam during a recent Twitter outburst.

The L.A. native appeared to be visibly upset with the way things are moving and shaking within the Hip-Hop game, not to mention that Drake emerged from his recent rap battle unscathed, despite audio evidence that he uses extensive help in the studio.

“The difference between me and other rappers is i actually care about earth and expanding our minds,” he exploded on Twitter, yesterday, August 12. “I’m probably the only rapper genuinely hitting subjects that will make u think about what the hell is really going on in this world.”

Later on in the rant, he likened porn and rap as being skill-less occupations [Editor’s Note: Totally untrue for both areas of expertise, but the point is understandable] and dialed in on that “Hotline Bling.”

“Drake is the hottest rapper in the game,” he continued. “He got exposed and we saw that he has a ghost writer and he’s still at the top. This ain’t hip hop.”

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