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Will Smith Hints at a Possible Drake Collaboration

The reveal came when Will Smith called into his son’s Beats 1 radio show.

Will Smith says that he’s been in the studio recording new music with Drake.

Will Smith called in to his son Jaden's Beats 1 radio show MSFTS Frequency to talk Suicide Squad, familial dynamics, and the constant stream of creativity clearly present in the Smith leniage. During their conversation, Jaden casually asked Will about his future musical prospects — prompting Will to quietly reveal a current collaborator — Drake.

In February, Will Smith announced that he had been in the studio recording with Kanye West. However, a few weeks later, Smith noted that so far he hadn’t created anything he liked.

“I’ve recorded a lot, I don’t have anything I like yet. I’ve probably recorded seven or eight [songs]. It’s not for certain, it’s just explorative.”



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