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Twista Lends Time to Stop Chi-Town Violence


Chicago has been ravished by immense violence, so much so it’s earned the ‘Chiraq’ moniker.

And while artists such as Kanye West, Chance The Rapper and Common have tried their best to support the youth in hopes to lower the crime rate, bloodshed still tortures the City of Wind.

But a new initiative has been formed in hopes to restore peace. Created by Rawle Stewart, manager of platinum-selling artist Twista, “Voice Of The Streetz” is a collective of homegrown artists using their influence in hopes to reform the violent streets of Chi-town. The idea was manifested after the death of Stewart’s close friend Chino Dolla back in March.

Members of the program –made up of artists Twista, Stunt Taylor, and Dancer D Low–will participate in community outreach throughout six different neighborhoods in the city. They’ll hold meetings and speak to neighborhood residents to gain insight on their issues.

“Anytime a person has a positive sparkle, a spark in his head to do something to stop something that’s bad happening, especially kids getting killed in the streets and people shooting and things like that, I mean, anything to stop something like that is a good time,” Twista told FOX 32.



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