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Paris debuts new video off upcoming album

San Francisco, CA - Bay Area-based political rapper Paris is taking the offensive against police brutality and what he calls the 'increasing acceptance of black death' with the first single and video from his forthcoming album, Pistol Politics.

The single, 'Night of the Long Knives,' is his opening salvo and entry into the ongoing culture wars surrounding the issues of police brutality, racism and violence that have been exacerbated during his six year hiatus from music. Please visit to check out the video now. It is a vicious commentary on America's current state of affairs, and features lyrics and imagery that capture the white-hot rage so many feel but rarely see reflected in the media or their popular entertainment choices.

'Been too much talkin' man, no talkin'
No more speeches, candles, no marchin'
No more grievin' parents, no Sharpton
No more calls for peace, let's spark it
And ride on these pigs till the wheels fall off
Collide for our rights till we rise above
Ain't no time for no talkin', let's chalk 'em off
Back 'em off us and show the cost, till they recognize.'
- Paris, 'Night of the Long Knives' 

Though the original Night of the Long Knives is commonly referenced as a purge of Nazi leaders by Adolf Hitler in Germany in the 1930s, its title has been appropriated here by Paris to signify a more general state of intense unrest and uprising in the face of increased instances of security officer aggression.

Paris notes, 'Much of hip hop has been commercialized, commodified and neutered to reflect only sensibilities that are actually harmful to black people. Corporate-endorsed black-on-black violence, glorification of drug culture and degradation of women have become so commonplace that it is accepted as normal -- though it's anything but. There's room for all, but I want to hear music and see imagery that reflects what's really going on and addresses issues I care about too.'

'Malcolm X said that self defense is common sense. That's a credo I can live by. 'Night of the Long Knives,' is a record promoting self-defense. Of course, I'm not glorifying senseless violence against the police. But I am condemning the plague of brutality against members of the black community. And I'm advocating the protecting of oneself in the face of unwarranted aggression. It's sad that people in opposition to this message are never upset about its actual causes -- only the effects. They never decry the racism and classism that's at the heart of it all.'

Pistol Politics marks a return to form for arguably one of the most politically outspoken artists in hip hop history, and covers a wide range of topics, both good and bad. It serves as a condemnation of society's ills -- police brutality, black on black violence, racism, endless wars and economic oppression -- and a celebration of its virtues, emphasizing themes promoting unity, progression and community upliftment.

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