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[With powerhouses like YMCMB and Maybach Music Group dominating the music industry, rap veteran Buckshot tells SOHH readers why Duck Down Records will never fade away.]

Duck Down is going to be the only place to go to in a minute. Literally. Def Jam is going to be like a cupcake. They "re so corporate. They stopped being hip-hop a long time ago. When you got a rapper leaving the label and then [the] owner is Chinese. He sells sneakers but that "s not who makes [the music].

I think the thing that "s kept Duck Down alive is, for one, me andDru [Ha "s] partnership. We are friends before we are anything else. So when we come together, we always have a good time. It "s pure real. There "s certain things Dru says that I don "t like and I accept it because he "s not going to tell me anything that "s not true. If I don "t like it, then I let go of it.

Yes, I might not like something but Dru "s not gonna lie to you. He "s not going to waste your time because I "m not going to waste his. That "s my process. I "m not going to lie to you because I don "t want you to lie to me. I don "t want to waste your time.

I think one of the things that "s kept us together is how real we are and the fact we just bounce off each other. When Dru brings me a situation, I bounce off that and keep going. Talib Kweli, B. Real ofCypress Hill, Pete Rock, Black Rob, we "ve worked with all of them and we picked up all their fans and that "s how I think Duck Down has gotten bigger.

I think we "re one of the last people who know how to run the system. Where are the Steve Stoute "s? Where are the people who know how to run the system? They "re gone because they took their money and opened up yacht companies or opened up places that sell peroxide. I don "t know.

A lot of them aren "t in the hip-hop and music business anymore and I think me and Dru are some of the last Mohicans of that era that know how to run the system and have love for hip-hop. It "s only right for people to reach out to us as one of those last outlets.

If you go to a major, they "re going to take your life away and give you a 360 deal and you "ll never see the light of day again, no matter how big or small you are. We don "t do 360 deals here.

I gotta tell the world one last thing. I "ve experienced some of the most crazy stuff in my life in the last year because I really am a 100 percent daddy. I "m not just a one-day dad. I big up all of the fathers out there that don "t get that love and props for taking care of their kids. Father "s Day is give dad a barbeque burger and an apron and we good to go. I "m not going to go there, but I want to give props to all of the dads. I "m doing interviews and my kid goes crazy in the background. I can "t stop that and so shout-out to all the people that bear with me.


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