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Music mogul LL Cool J recently talked about piecing together his upcoming The G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) 2 solo album and explained why women should not have high hopes for his catchy lady anthems.

According to the self-proclaimed "G.O.A.T.," his new LP will be geared toward having a more street feel.

"People [are] wondering what this album is for and this album is mainly for the n*ggas. It "s gritty. This one is not for the ladies. This album features nothing but real stories, true stories, what I want to do keep it true and embrace the current environment and take it to the next level. I am not trying to sound like I "m from down South and I "m not trying to sound like I "m "90s New York. It ain "t about how old you are, it "s about how you connect with the people." (HHV)

A few days ago, New York battle rap king Murda Mook spoke to SOHH about working with LL for their new "I "m Nice" collaboration.

"LL actually hit my phone and I was just chilling. I was like, "Yo, who is this?" And he was like, "What up, it "s LL." I was like, "What?! LL Cool J?" He just told me the idea and I already had the record with Raekwon on it. Me and Rae, Rae is like a mentor to me. He "s like a big brother and Rae "s been holding me down throughout the years. I already had the record from Ron Browz and I told Rae, "Yo Rae, get on this." So I told LL, "Yo, I think I got the perfect joint for you." So when I went to the studio with him, I had played it and LL was like, "This is it!"" (SOHH)

Mook also detailed his experience sharing studio time with the rap god.

"But I had already had the record. Me and LL actually wrote the verse in the studio together and that was like some phenomenal sh*t. People don "t even do that anymore. It "s so much e-mailing back and forth that you don "t even get that vibe. It was so competitive. He "s the teacher and I "m the student trying to show him like, "Yo, here I am." He "s trying to show me, "Yo, Mook, relax. I "ve been doing this type sh*t."" (SOHH)

The unexpected star-studded track leaked online Tuesday (August 12).

The streets keep calling LL Cool J. The hip-hop pioneer cooks up a gritty collaboration with Raekwon the Chef and Murda Mook on "I "m Nice," a teaser off his upcoming album G.O.A.T. 2. On the Ron Browz-produced track, LL reminds listeners why he "s the G.O.A.T. "Rambo to your jugular / F*ckin " baloney smugglers / Nobody "s fuckin " wit " me, tell "em all come and get me," he spits. (Rap-Up)

Check out "I "m Nice":


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