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Keith Murray/Fredro Starr To Battle @ “New World Order II

The sport of battle rap is currently one of the most talked about sectors of Hip Hop culture. With several major events coming up, each league is trying to set up matches that will draw attention, customers, and top competitors to their brand.

MC Wars is attempting to up the ante with their “Super Star Battles.” The first opponents to face off in the SBS series are Def Squad’s Keith Murray and Onyx’s Fredro Starr. The 3-round battle will take place at the “New World Order II” event on September 28 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

The rules for each round are set-up as followed:

Each artist gets two verses of 16 bars over a beat that will be performed back-to-back just like they were doing a song together. Breaks should be no longer than two to four bars depending on the crowd volume and applause.

Physical contact will result in an immediate disqualification. For more information about “New World Order II” visit

Watch the Keith Murray Vs Fredro Starr official trailer below.


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