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Approximately one year ago, the non-profit organization International Hip Hop Parade was to execute the very first Hip Hop Parade in the Bronx, NY, the birthplace of the now multibillion dollar industry and cultural phenomenon. 

For reasons beyond their control, the event was postponed until this year, on August 23rd, 2014. 

"We have our physical permit in hand. Only an act of God can prevent us from having this parade, which this community and culture so richly deserve", conveyed the events founder, Al Pizarro. 

"We have worked closely with the 48th precinct to make sure that we are in complete compliance with all city and borough ordinances so that the attending public can enjoy the festivities, floats and fun", added Pizarro. 

Pizarro, who has been working towards holding this parade for nearly a decade now, reflected on the ever changing face of Hip Hop as one reason this effort has taken so long to come to fruition. 

"As in all forms of music, the Hip Hop genre has constantly evolved with various artists. However, Hip Hop is not just a musical genre, it is a permanent cultural lifestyle. Once we decided to ground this event in its roots, which is the geographical fact that it was born here in the Bronx, it made it easier to narrow down the theme and platform for which to launch such an ambitious event. 
Our board members consist of such Hip Hop founding fathers like Afrika Bambaata, who will be the Grand Marshall in the historical first parade. Other board members, who all have historic significance in the writing of the history of Hip Hop include Vice President Tony Tone of the Cold Crush Brothers; Kool DJ Red Alert, Freedom Williams, DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Jazzy Joyce, Lord Finesse, Greg Nice, Joe Conzo, Crazy Legs, Tats Cru, Violeta Galagarza, Amad Henderson, Sal Abbatiello, Charlie Chase and Spyder D.
Each year IHHP board members will focus on changing the imageof Hip Hop through a theme that will affect the Hip Hop Culture", concluded Pizarro. 

IHHParade does special events centered around the Hip Hop culture year round, including Turkey giveaways during the winter holiday season, Fathers Day health screenings and just recently, assisted  Jacob Morris of Harlem Historical Society in getting Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx to be co-named Hip Hop Blvd. The co-naming ceremony will be officially commemorated later this year. 

A competition to find the worlds best rapper/emcee will commence in conjunction with this years parade launch event. The winner will be acknowledged at next years parade amongst other prizes, perks and privileges. 

For further info on the parade and all IHHP events, please frequent the organizations website at: Or


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