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Hot 97s Peter Rosenberg Apologizes To Public Enemys Chuck D

"Saying anything disparaging publicly towards Chuck D, that was not okay," Peter Rosenberg says. "For that Chuck, I am truly sorry."

Co-host of The Hot 97 Morning Show Peter Rosenbergapologized on-air to Public Enemy member Chuck Dearlier today (July 7). The apology followed a public back-and-forth between the station and Chuck D that began in early June with comments from the rapper on Twitter.

Responding to Chuck D’s complaints that the station had made “a sloppy fiasco...of HipHop,” Peter Rosenberg said “no one elected you president of Hip Hop” and asked the emcee “what are you doing to support this culture?” in a segment of The Realness the same month.

Speaking on the same platform this morning, Rosenberg recalled his early memories of listening to Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” before segueing into a short apology for his previous comments.

“It’s very real today,” he said at the beginning of the segment. “My mom took me to see Do The Right Thing 25 years ago this summer. I love that movie. Now, as a ten-year old kid, I’m sure I understood a lot of it but I didn’t understand everything. The one thing that I know I understood even back then was the feeling of the song that was pumping through Radio Raheem’s boombox.

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