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Cappadonna NO HOOKS

Be the first to hear tracks off Cappadonna "s new project by tuning into Wu World Radio all this week,tracks will not be available anywhere else until April 4th.

Wu-Tang Clan "s Cappadonna is set to make hip-hop history with his latest studio album entitled "Hook Off". The title of the project is a play on words hinting to the concept that makes this album truly one of a kind. For the first time in the History of Hip-Hop, Cappadonna has created an entire album with NO HOOKS, which is why the Album is entitled "Hook Off". Cappadonna "s official quote in regards to the project is "Most popular hip-hop songs can only be remembered by a catchy hook, so with no hook the listener has no choice but to take in the lyrical content, flow and delivery of the artist, which is what this album comes packed with." From beginning to end, the listener is overwhelmed by a back to back onslaught of lyrical styles from one MC after another only broken up by humorous and insightful skits which takes this project from a hip-hop album to a complete work of art.


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