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LL, Will Smith, Eminem, Cube The Best Rappers-Turned-Actors

Mark Wahlberg, Mos Def, Queen Latifah and Method Man also are named as some of Green Label "s "Best Rappers-Turned-Actors."

"There’s something about emceeing that channels some of the same qualities required of acting,” according to the Green Label article. "You have to captivate your audience, be able to tell a story, and definitely be able to display emotion if you want to be any good at it. That’s why a few rappers have made it big in the acting game."

Unlike most of the rappers on the list, Method Man has primarily played in smaller roles.

"No one’s ever going to mistake Method Man for a Will Smith or a Mark Wahlberg, but man, does that guy have on-screen presence,” the article says. "Early on in his acting career, Meth preferred to either play a version of himself or a criminal of some sort, specifically in his roles on The Wire, in Cop Land, and the like. However, in recent years, Meth’s film choices have notably diversified with him snagging roles in Garden StateRed Tails, and The Mortician.”

To read the full list of “Hip Hop Goes Hollywood: The Best Rappers-Turned-Actors,” go to Green Label.


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