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50 Cent hopes to work with Justin Timberlake again

50 Cent wants top dollar with his new album, and hopes to work with Justin Timberlake again

He still has “Hustler’s Ambition.”

Rap star 50 Cent tells Confidenti@l he wants to work with Justin Timberlake again and even boasts that he’s been “selling out” all along.

“Everything I did on my first album was considered a sellout — taboo,” Fitty admitted while hyping his new album, “Animal Ambition,” which explores the ups and downs of prosperity.

We caught up to Fitty, aka Curtis James Jackson, minutes before he taped a SiriusXM radio show to air March 31.

He says his plan is to release a new song every Tuesday until his fifth studio project hits stores on June 3, and he makes no apologies for making commercial-friendly music.

“Music sells everything but music,” he said. “Think about it. Whether it’s old music or new music, music sells the car, music sells the horror movie …”

Fitty expects the new LP to be blasted by critics — most of whom were probably his early fans.

“When you win for the first time, it’s like ‘boom’ — it’s confirmation that it’s possible to be successful from nothing, and everyone loves that because it’s confirmation for everyone that they can be successful too,” he says.

“But when you win repeatedly, the artistic community goes, ‘Goddamnit, if you don’t get out of the way how am I going to have a chance to win?’ So they go ‘[The new album] is cool, but it wasn’t as good as when he first came out.’ ”

While Fitty’s gotten used to others’ envy, he’s also grown accustomed to friends thinking he owes them something.

“People develop that sense of entitlement,” he says. “They think "you could’ve bought me a house or two cars and it would’ve meant nothing to you.’ Then you don’t [hear about it] until you get into a heated argument 10 years into your success. Some people don’t even know what they want until they see someone else with it.”

Fitty tells us he’d like to record with Timberlake once more, and recapture the magic from their 2007 collaboration “Ayo Technology.”

“That wasn’t work,” he recalls. “I think after half an hour we had a song.”

Fitty says he doesn’t have “the luxury” of taking time away like Eminem. In fact, the rapper is amazed at how the rival artist took off three years from recording before releasing his latest CD.

“He goes away, completely reboots his music entirely, then comes back and still has support of the system,” Fitty says.


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