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According to hip-hop personality Miss Info, diehard Dipset fans will receive new music from Killa later this year.

Atrak (as well as his brother Dave from the group Chromeo) is one of the biggest Dipset fans that I know. Seriously. He "s already a music expert with an encyclopedic memories for rap miscellany, but if you ask Atrak about any far-removed auxiliary member of the Dip Taliban... I bet he "ll know their entire C.V. Wiki-style. Seriously. So it made total sense to me when I heard that finally....Atrak and Cam "ron were working together on new music! And fans can expect more than just a one-off. We will be getting a full EP on Atrak "s Fool Gold Records! Since Atrak posted that short teaser just a few minutes ago, Just blaze has already chimed in, saying he programmed drums onto one track. And Atrak has tweeted that the full lineup of producers is star-packed. (Miss Info TV)

The Hot 97 radio personality also said Cam has teamed up with former Roc-A-Fella Records co-owner Damon "Dame" Dash for a new business venture.

Speaking of Dipset "s streetwear trending power...after the hysteria over those $200 Dipset socks and Dipset jerseys...Dame Dash and Cam "ron have apparently locked in a deal to produced a full line of new Dipset-branded clothing, to be sold on Karmaloop. They "ve come a long way from the original Dipset tees and beanies that I got from the now defunct Santana "s Town shop in Harlem back in the early 00 "s. Shout to Juelz " mom running the store ; ) (Miss Info TV)

Last week, buzz behind Cam "s now-iconic XXL mink being up for grabs on digital retailer site bubbled online.

This exclusive, one-of-a-kind pink mink coat is a part of hip-hop history. Originally owned and worn by Harlem "s finest, rapper Cam "Ron. The mink has appeared all over magazines, TV, and the Internet and can now be all yours. You won "t find anything like this anywhere. Besides keeping you extremely warm, the Pink mink is a perfect addition to any fur aficionado "s collection. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. (Fancy)

In December, Cam and Dame Dash were featured in a promotional video.

Rap moguls and startups collide once again in this new commercial for Fancy, a Pinterest competitor. The ad, a low budget affair that shows Damon Dash introducing Fancy to Cam "ron as a way to sell $450 jerseys, debuted yesterday on WorldStarHipHop--an atypical launching pad for tech marketing--and has already been viewed almost 4 million times. Like Pinterest, Fancy is a photo-sharing website and app, except that Fancy is more focused on selling the items in the pictures. The New York-based company, which used to be called The Fancy, is best known for its celebrity connections--like Ashton Kutcher, Nas, and Kanye West--as well the company "s willingness to try different ways of making money. (Valley Wag)


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