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D.J. Hollywoods New Book, Its Star Time

As the fifth book in the memoir collection, the official book release is set for March 2014.

Abandonment; Innocence; Homelessness; Fame; Fortune; Influence; Sex; Drugs; Addiction; Treachery; Tragedy; Depression; Shame; Recovery; Redemption; Victory...all fundamental elements in the greatest story never told in Hip Hop. In fact, the impact of D.J. Hollywood is far greater than any award. He eclipsed Stardom, handcuffed Folk Hero before records and threw Superstar in jail. It "s Star Time, and finally, this is his Harlem story!

"If you were a club owner or party promoter during his reign in the 70s, you aspired to have the legend D.J. Hollywood on your payroll. He instantly added credibility to what you called "a party." Every note and rhyme he wrote people religiously borrowed. Anyone who really know the true origins of Hip Hop would remember that, like Ali, Hollywood was the greatest." -Russell Simmons

"D.J. Hollywood is the ALPHA in the full Hip Hop story. Single-handedly he originated, dominated and was the definition of Disc Jockey and Master Of The Ceremony. In Hip Hop there is none before him at this high level, and it "s as simple as that!" -Chuck D

"If D.J. Hollywood didn "t exist, who knows what we would be doing right now. This man would make the audience orgasm leaving them too sensitive to touch. If Hip Hop has saved your life, then you need to meet its biological father!" -Doug E Fresh

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