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Nas’ Clothing Line “HSTRY” To Sell Ghostbusters’ Apparel

Date Created: 2016-04-01 04:21:33 Replies:(0)

Ice Cube on Rock & Roll HOF Induction and Black Lives

Date Created: 2016-04-01 04:33:31 Replies:(0)

Hot 97’s "Summer Jam" To Expand To Tokyo

Date Created: 2016-04-01 04:44:05 Replies:(0)

Kanye West & Ludwig van Beethoven To Meet In “Yeethoven” Mash-Up Concert

Date Created: 2016-04-01 07:35:59 Replies:(0)

Pusha T Gives Lecture To Harvard Business School Students

Date Created: 2016-04-02 07:19:21 Replies:(0)

Phife Dawg Tribute T-Shirt To Raise Money For Rapper's Family

Date Created: 2016-04-02 07:26:30 Replies:(0)

Nas, Fabolous, Talib Kweli to Headline Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 2016

Date Created: 2016-04-05 04:51:22 Replies:(0)

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Announce “The High Road” Tour

Date Created: 2016-04-05 05:02:45 Replies:(0)

Pimp C Documentary ‘Long Live The Pimp’ Released Online (VIDEO)

Date Created: 2016-04-05 05:16:34 Replies:(0)

Hip-Hop Fans Gather In Queens To Remember Phife Dawg (Photos)

Date Created: 2016-04-05 05:45:00 Replies:(0)

Posthumous Phife Dawg & J Dilla Track “Nutshell” Now Has A Video

Date Created: 2016-04-06 05:36:25 Replies:(0)

Hot97 Unveils Lineup For Summer Jam’s 2016 Festival Stage

Date Created: 2016-04-06 05:48:45 Replies:(0)

Questlove celebrates Hamilton cast recording going gold

Date Created: 2016-04-07 04:57:06 Replies:(0)

MC Shan & KRS-1 Still At It?

Date Created: 2016-04-10 10:04:03 Replies:(0)

Notorious B.I.G. Hologram Set For Appearances With Faith

Date Created: 2016-04-12 05:35:51 Replies:(0)

Snoop Dogg Has A New Album On The Way

Date Created: 2016-04-12 05:40:10 Replies:(0)

Kobe Bryant Memorized Jay Z Albums The Day They Came Out

Date Created: 2016-04-12 05:53:14 Replies:(0)

Ice Cube & Common Perform 'Real People' on The Tonight Show (Video)

Date Created: 2016-04-12 06:07:55 Replies:(0)

"All Eyez On Me" Cast To Be Honored In Las Vegas

Date Created: 2016-04-12 07:46:12 Replies:(0)

Timbaland Produces NBA Playoffs "Every Second Counts" Commercial

Date Created: 2016-04-12 07:50:43 Replies:(0)

Rare Hip-Hop Photographs To Be Displayed By The Smithsonian

Date Created: 2016-04-13 07:45:22 Replies:(0)

J Dilla’s Unreleased ‘The Diary’ Album Ft Nas & Others Set For Release

Date Created: 2016-04-14 05:33:47 Replies:(0)

How Common Became the Voice of Microsoft

Date Created: 2016-04-14 06:06:26 Replies:(0)


Date Created: 2016-04-16 06:35:17 Replies:(0)

Masta Ace Blames The Fans, Not The Artists For Bad Hip-Hop

Date Created: 2016-04-16 07:07:13 Replies:(0)

BET Announces Documentary Series About Hip-Hop Labels

Date Created: 2016-04-19 06:55:09 Replies:(0)

‘Hamilton’ Wins 2016 Pulitzer Prize For Drama

Date Created: 2016-04-19 07:06:00 Replies:(0)

Prodigy & The Alchemist Release ‘Albert Einstein Deluxe Edition’ BitTorrent Bundle

Date Created: 2016-04-19 07:16:06 Replies:(0)

Rolling Stone Lists The “100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs Of All Time”

Date Created: 2016-04-19 07:22:43 Replies:(0)

Bun B Helps To Rescue Hundreds Of Houston Residents From Flooding Emergency

Date Created: 2016-04-19 07:41:29 Replies:(0)


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Digable Planets Announce Summer 2016 Reunion Tour

Date Created: 2016-04-20 05:23:44 Replies:(0)

Chance the Rapper And Common Honored With South-Side Chicago Murals

Date Created: 2016-04-21 05:07:01 Replies:(0)

Uncle Luke Lays Out Plan To Stop Gun Violence In Miami

Date Created: 2016-04-21 05:13:11 Replies:(0)

Birdman & Slim Creating Cash Money Records Biopic

Date Created: 2016-04-21 05:17:06 Replies:(0)

Prince Dies At 57 - Hip-Hop Reacts

Date Created: 2016-04-21 14:00:16 Replies:(0)

Nicki Minaj Named One of 'The 100 Most Influential People' By Time Magazine

Date Created: 2016-04-21 14:15:57 Replies:(0)

The Youth in Uganda, Africa are transforming their lives through Hip-Hop

Date Created: 2016-04-22 05:14:01 Replies:(0)

Nas is 'a huge creative force' on Netflix's The Get Down

Date Created: 2016-04-26 08:29:50 Replies:(0)

J. Cole Pays Tribute To Prince With Custom Minnesota Vikings Jersey

Date Created: 2016-04-26 08:36:11 Replies:(0)

Nas Rolls Out HSTRY Spring 2016 Collection

Date Created: 2016-04-27 05:46:07 Replies:(0)

Hip-Hop Celebrates Big Pun With Anniversary Tribute Art & Artifacts Exhibit In New York

Date Created: 2016-04-27 06:02:40 Replies:(0)

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