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Trip’n 4 Life




Album: Trip’n 4 Life
Artist: Philthy Rich
No. Track Name Price Listen Explicit Lyrics Buy
1See Me In the Traffic.mp3 .99 Yes
2Let the Money Talk.mp3 .99 Yes
3Do It Better.mp3 .99 Yes
42 Bitches At the Same Time.mp3 .99 Yes
5I'm Jus Say'n Tho'.mp3 .99 Yes
6Oakland California.mp3 .99 Yes
7Break Ya Pumps.mp3 .99 Yes
8Project Nigga.mp3 .99 Yes
9The Love of Money.mp3 .99 Yes
10Feet Deep.mp3 .99 Yes
11I'm a Ryda.mp3 .99 Yes
12Speak'n On the Kid.mp3 .99 Yes
13Feel'n Like Pac.mp3 .99 Yes
14So Much Pain.mp3 .99 Yes
15Trip'n 4 Life.mp3 .99 Yes
16Realest Nigga On Earth.mp3 .99 Yes
17Don't Get It Confused.mp3 .99 Yes