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Ahead of the Game




This album is a little more harder them my previous Demo CD. I worked with some

Album: Ahead of the Game
Artist: Jay Shellz
No. Track Name Price Listen Explicit Lyrics Buy
1Willie Wonka (Freestyle).mp3 0.0 Yes
2Life of a Real G (Outro).mp3 0.0 Yes
3Blind to My Haters (feat. Lil Vil.mp3 0.0 Yes
4Class in Session.mp3 0.0 Yes
5You Dont Deserve Me (feat. Nia).mp3 0.0 Yes
6Its Only Instagram.mp3 .99 Yes
7Party Over Here.mp3 .00 Yes
8Since a Lil Nigga (feat. Shooter.mp3 .99 Yes
9Pass It to My Shooter (feat. Shoo.mp3 .99 Yes
10All On Dat Pole.mp3 .99 Yes
11Grind Work.mp3 .99 Yes
12An Everyday Thing.mp3 0.0 Yes
13Line Em Up (feat. Vias).mp3 .99 Yes
14Touch a Mill.mp3 0.0 Yes
15Intro.mp3 0.0 Yes