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Juellz first release JEWELZ contains various topics about the everyday life, val

Album: Jewelz
Artist: Juellz
No. Track Name Price Listen Explicit Lyrics Buy
1LOVE & HATE feat. Scheme & Gianluca del Re (prod. .99 Yes
2MAINSTREAM IS CATCHY (prod. Commy).mp3 .99 Yes
3ALL AT ONCE feat. King Magnetic, V-Zilla & Valéri .99 Yes
4ON MY GRIND feat. Kurious (prod. Commy).mp3 .99 Yes
5TWO FACES feat. Reks (prod. Evelution).mp3 .99 Yes
6CYPHER feat. Soulogik, Vakill & LoyaL (prod. TCust .99 Yes
7IF ONLY feat. Singapore Kane & Valérie Maerten of 0.0 Yes
8BLINDED BY DARKNESS feat. KC da Rookee (prod. Astr 0.0 Yes
9EVERYDAY CIRCLE feat. Awon (prod. TCustomz).mp3 0.0 Yes
10MAN VS. NATURE feat. Has-Lo & Damien of K-Otix (pr 0.0 Yes
11TORVET SOI feat. K-Rino (prod. GFB).mp3 0.0 Yes